“Un#@%! Yourself”

None of what I display in this piece is new information; everybody knows this stuff, but what it depends on is your mindset and your willingness to understand. To fully embody this process in which this piece covers, you must first search deep within yourself and dig out your true desires, goals, and aspirations. You must push aside the “I can’t”s and the mundane excuses, and create for yourself the reality in which you wish to live. You must take ownership of yourself and your successes and downfalls, and ultimately decide what’s worth working for and what’s not.

Only you can decide how you live.

I recently started reading through a really good book entitled “Un#@%! Yourself”, by renowned life coach Gary John Bishop; I am only three chapters in and surprisingly, there was not much that I did not already know in its pages. What changed, is that I actually decided to retain the information rather than skim and nod. The words in the book are the fountain of general success, if I may be so bold. They may as well have been written in golden ink. I’ll get into a book review once I finish, which can be found under the “Think About It…” tab of my website.

Until then, please enjoy this summarization of exerpts, put together from the depths of my own struggles, successes, interpretation and advice.


“I Am Wired to Win”

I sit and contemplate the power of that statement deep within

As I fold the binder of my novel over in two and catch the winds of conscious thinking through

My hair, my clothes, the hairs in my nose 

The smell of success slowly ekking it’s way closer, closer, and yet farther still

Because Mr. Bishop commented that I must first have the will

“I am willing”

First I must establish a base, a mindset in which I am willing to chase, run, like I’m being pursued with mase

The fumes of the past, if you lack, they’ll make haste

Glue themselves to you like Elmer’s paste, the mase aims to seduce, keep you stuck in a maze

Loop after loop of climb and failure, blaming everyone else but yourself for your lack of triumph

When technically you’re succeeding at what you aspire, no matter how much you think you assert and transpire 

It don’t matter how hard you reach and perspire, until you believe in yourself, higher power 

You won’t ever bud ‘til you water that flower

Dig again and restructure, recapture your goals and stand on legs that are stronger than newly birthed fowls

No falter in stepping, I’m drowning the stones as I pick out constellations and submerge all of my woes

As I bury self pity like a mutt stows his bones 

As I I do away with self doubt as a cat dismisses the ones in which he’s owned 

But in the end it’s up to you, though before I go you must know

That the goals that you set are the ones that you own.  

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