No One HAS to Do Anything.

Warning: None of this is new information. Literally, none of it. This is a summarization of my own studies and pursuant chase of success more than anything else, and thankfully I have found what works for me. Here, I break it down to a simplicity in hopes that others will retain, value, and understand the content I am providing.

This is absolutely a journey of finding myself and my purpose, and I hope that I can inspire and ignite that spark inside others that are hungry for the same results. It takes a mendable and open mind to do so, and so I encourage willingness to change, perseverance, and dedication on you, the reader’s, part. The work is never easy, and the chase is grueling; despite that, I remain in relentless pursuit. Here’s hoping a lot of you will do the same.


Today, for the first time, something really sunk in. You literally do not have to do anything you do not want to do.

No, seriously. It is that simple! 

In the state of my evolving mental, this is a concept that has taken me longer than I’d like to admit, to understand completely. The key to understanding, is really stepping back and asking yourself one question: “who am I doing this for?

When you really think about it, this is your life to live and you actually only have one to live…depending on your beliefs, I guess. You have one chance to be on this earth, as this person, with these surroundings, with this family, with these opportunities, with this health and this mindset. The question is, what is your mindset? Does it revolve around what others want, or what you want? Are you seriously doing everything that you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you want to do it? 

If the answer is no, then this install is for you. 

So tell me, who says you “can’t”? Who told you that no matter what stage of life you are in currently, you absolutely should not be doing exactly what you want to do and should instead be following the status quo, i.e. the systematic schedule. The S.S. includes preschool, grammar school, middle school, high school, college, and a job. That is exactly what we are taught that we are made for; we are taught that in life, these are our sole responsibilities and that staying on this exact track, (or not), determines whether we are successful or sluggish, smart or dumb, knowledgable or wisdomless. 

So, who told you this? Was it your teachers? How about your parents? Your friends, colleagues and peers? Did you learn this way of living through media and television? Certainly, you did not come up with this “success system” on your own… did you? 

Next, think about just how old this system really is. For how many centuries have we associated general education with a skillful career? Too many, if one were to ask me. How many of us can really take the same path over centuries and come out with the same victorious results? Not many- this system is successful for the minority, so what happens to the majority? We crash and burn. 

With that being said I must state my opinion, which just happens to be the opinion of the mass majority of my peers and generation. School is not for everyone. So what is, you ask? The answer is, I don’t know:

What do you want to do? 

The education system, particularly in the US, is one of many examples that I could have used in this blog, but in order to make this a personal journey of reflection you truly have to internalize and ask yourself what system you are following. If you can find it and understand that you are not happy within that system, then why is it so hard to understand that you do not have to be part of that system? It doesn’t matter how many generations before you went through the same gigs to get to where they are now, even if they are successful individuals, (though there are many definitions of success, but that’s not my point). Successful to you, I’ll say. If you, yourself, are not happy with the process you are putting yourself through, why don’t you branch off and decide what you really prioritize to maximize your happiness in whatever field or endeavor you decide to pursue? 

Breaking tradition is hard, I understand. For example, no one in my family has really been to school, yet they prioritize schooling at number one for me and my sister, the current generation of “kids”. Why? Because that’s what society has plugged into their minds. School equals success, they didn’t go to school, therefore they are “not successful” and hope that we are through the systematic schedule. My sister decided to take the school route, (in which she is successful), and I did not, which makes my family look upon me as the failure of the two. They’ll read this and claim “no we don’t” but they do, trust me. No one in my family can correlate success with anything other than school and that’s just it; but I, for one, know precisely where I’d like to be successful, in what field, as well as how I’d like to get there. I know exactly how to make myself, an individual, fulfilled and happy. I can envision it, but my family can’t, which is where the divide comes into play. You just. Don’t. Break. Tradition.

Unless you’d like to be fulfilled as an individual. 

So I’ll make it easy; here’s what you need to do:

Number one: sit and reflect. Take time to yourself to really think about what makes you truly, absolutely happy. You might think this is easy at first, so sorry to burst your bubble, because your answers may be wrong. Take a look at your list; does it consist of things that take you away from your work? Maybe a day at the park, or a night of movies, or a spa day to relax and distract you? If so, these are not truly fulfilling activities to participate in, they are just distractions. Albeit, relaxing distractions one is entitled to enjoy if he or she so pleases. If one is actually 100% fulfilled, one does not require a distraction from work, because their work makes them happy. 

It sounds dull, I know. Coming home from a cubicle every day to sit across the table from your husband to talk about how many phone calls you received that day, and how you dealt with such and such a customer’s needs? Boring. But there’s my point right there? You don’t need to be coming home from a cubicle if that does not make you happy! I can not stress this enough. If you are in a position where you do not enjoy 50+% of your day in which you spend at work, you can change that by searching for what you actually love to do. Get the picture?  

Next, write out your plays point guard. You can understand what you want to do and be all day long but without a plan, the thoughts are just thoughts. That is all. The process, though, does not end with writing it out. You have to mean what you say and do from that point forward. This usually leads to a state of longing in most people. You see what you’ve written in your handy  notebook and long to accomplish what you see in text. Next you complain about what you are lacking that is necessary to get to that point. You can complain if you want, but understand that with complaint, comes stagnation. If you truly believe that you can’t, then trust me, you won’t. You have to really believe in what you say, believe in what you do, and believe in the process it takes to get there.     

For example, let’s compare this process to something we all know how to do- cross a street. You know in your head that if a car is coming, you should remain on the sidewalk and stand clear of any oncoming traffic, right? You also know that to cross, you have to move your legs one by one and walk across that street when the traffic has subsided. You know all of this information, yet do not make the move to get to the other side of the crosswalk, so now you are stuck watching the traffic come and go as you strain to figure out how to move. You are scared to get hit by those moving cars, and it becomes a frightening, seemingly impossible task to get across the street when realistically you know what to do! Hence, you complain that getting across the street is “too hard”. Come on now; you cannot possibly tell me that this person actually wants to get across this street. They know what to do, they don’t do it, and then they complain about what it takes to get there. 

And please- not having what you need also does not dictate your success. You may ask me, “well what if the person does not have legs? HA!”. You haven’t pulled a fast one over on me. There are wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetics, a plethora of resources. You just have to be willing to find them. 

The rest is self explanatory. 

Lastly, execute! Walk across that street! You’ve got the tools, the plan, and the knowledge. No one is more knowledgeable than you in your area of expertise. Don’t start off too big, for every journey is unique with its own roadblocks and trials, and it takes time to build and grow into the person you want to be in the line of work you’d like to pursue. So in other words, do not rush life. You cannot cheat at a craft you want to implement with precision. Therefore, make sure you execute steps properly, never be afraid to go back and start over to fix things that do not work instead of letting the disadvantages and mistakes win you over, and watch yourself flourish as time passes. 

These steps take time, like anything else. This is not some secret key to fast success that I am handing you, rather a suggestive plan to get you pointed in the right direction, at least. Everything pointed out in this post has been explained time and time again, which means this is not new information. I, hopefully, just helped you retain more easily by using simpler terms, explanations, and scenarios. Nothing you read here is special, none of it applies to anyone who has any type of advantage. This information is literally available to everyone. But if you’d like to learn it here, now, and with me, (as I learn), then please feel more than free to do so. In fact, I encourage you. The work is hard and grueling. You will be tested. I will be tested. 

But it’s more fun learning together, than learning alone.

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