“Save Me”

I love you, and I wish I knew

What you were thinking, and if you’re through

You found me, and it was not fair 

To you, at least, to find me there


Alone and afraid, so ready to leave

When all I had to do was believe

In myself and in you, in the help that I had

‘Til it was too late, until everything went bad



I’m shook, so hollow, straight down to the bone

My marrow is missing, I’m empty inside

Well… not really, but here, I feel pushed right aside


Sure, they watch out so I won’t off myself

Though I wouldn’t, I place myself on the top shelf


How could I love myself so deeply, while I can also count all of my flaws so neatly? 


Self love is important, I know and I swear

But my body is done from emotional wear

I’ll tear at myself ‘til I’m nothing but skeleton

For all to see, there will be no more melanin


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a badass black queen

My emotions just simply are not what they seem

A facade, a good one at least, makes a fool

A clever one though… did you not learn in school? 


Not exactly unraveling like a thin little spool

More like slowly emptying, like a draining pool


…Lord save me.

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