“He Loves Me”

Is it the way that you love me? 

You know… that keeps me here

Must be… nothing else is clear

Except for the warmth I feel when you are near

It’s day two now, creeping into day three

On the phone you said you missed me, and I agree

I miss me too

I miss my freedom, carefree, aloof

At least I told the fucking truth

It landed my in purgatory

Necessary to purge, it is, my story

It’s never easy, I won’t try to front

At least though, I’ve been through the brunt

Trigger warning, although it took place this morning

Won’t leave my mind and now, I’m mourning

Lost girl, sad, typhoon emotions

Over something uncontrollable, I’m going through the motions

But whatever it takes to send me home

Because I’m done with feeling so alone

In a room full of women that truly care

While they tell their stories my mind wanders to your unruly hair

Your smile, your laugh, your contagious spirit

The way you look at me, even without my merit

Scholar when it comes to me

And who I am, your honey B

I won’t give up, I promised you

In hindsight I think that I promised me too

But these same four walls are so damn depressing

All we can spit is who we’re missing

Who we’re dissing

Our ailments

Blindly discussing depressing shit…


I want to go home, I won’t even lie

Though I put myself here, I wish I could fly

Far, far away, like Jenny from father

Before you left, you made it clear I was no bother


…I didn’t listen. And now… we’re farther


I’m sorry; the words roll out like water

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