“You Are Here pt. 2”

Hope you are who you say that you are

Simply because you keep raising the bar

And giving me hope where hope is not due

Sometimes, I think, only to convince you 


In this type of situation I don’t know what to believe

My egregious opinion, or the words that you bleed

They flow like oceans, endless emotions

Red wine through and through, get me drunk off promotions


Implosions ensue when I’m not sure what to do

What to say to make you know that I am not ok

With the lies and that hardhead, you pull me along like a stray

Unleashed but deep down I know I must obey


Bend and break to your orders and give my last breath

All just to give you whatever you said, or you asked for, demanded

Without using words

I knew all your needs, like a map, it’s absurd


Absolutely, completely, totally consumed 

With the empty promises, the lack thereof, toxicity branded, my heartstrings pulled and

abandoned, the black hole sifting deeper as you took what I handed

The hopelessness in the back of my mind all but subdued

My body, my mind, the respect thrown askew


For you… for you. 


Hope you are who you say that you are

Simply because you keep raising the bar

Raising hell every day, but I can’t stay away

You’re like addiction but stronger, you keep me at bay


Though I cannot say why… you leave me to cry

Every night in my bed while you’re sane in the head

Boy, I’m not and you know it, you love me? Then show it.

I’m done playing games with you, don’t say it, please know it


Believe what you say for yourself, not for me

Because at this point it’s “fuck it”, ight, Imma leave

Imma head out, yeah I’m ready to flee

Regain what’s rightfully mine, that you snatched from my sleeve

Hope you are who you say that you are, I repeat

Because honey, the next girl may not be lenient like me

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