“The Pressure”

Wish I’d fall into pubescence

Simple minded adolescence

When the times were solely reckless 

Child’s play don’t see negligence

When the blame don’t fall on shoulders

That can barely hold up boulders 

Old enough to ditch the holster

Young enough to be the joker

When you spill you don’t get chided

Grown word vomit get you hided 

When the odd term “simple-minded”….


Exemplified and purified, a child’s mind, before it’s slimed, petrified and pureed

Before time became a concept and, damn, when life was just a parade

Before a time when currency defined one’s real security 

A present under pillows left by fairies laced with courtesy 

Allowance for the kid to cop a pop, with allowance 

From the yard work, not the hard work, not the stress, the mess, anxieties

Of not being enough as you grow older indecisively 

When cooties grossed the cuties out, and fruit snacks was the niceties 


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