“Ooo Child”

Ooo child you got skinny!

You look itty bitty

Come here, get a plate, anything you want, any

We’ll mend your poor stomach, depraved of what’s owed

But we’ll leave your soul mendless, girl what do you know

About the sacrifices of many, but can’t describe any

From the time you were little, we gave you things, many

You owe us ‘til death, we brought you up on our own

And ignored the little signs, maybe you’d care if you’d known


Ooo child, this room’s a mess, what flew through here?

There must be a twister somewhere… near

Pick up all this shit and place where it belongs

The material items we got you, ‘fore we skin you to bone


Ooo child, you want a whipping, that much must be true

Because you know better, who did this to you?

This is not what we’ve taught you, it’s all incorrect

Don’t raise your voice at me, girl, show your respect


‘But you hurt me so much, please let me show you how’

Say one more thing and you’ll be taking a bow!

Over the bed, my knee, the next thing I see

If you do not pull together, yourself, girl you’s me

You represent us, so what’s good for your health

Is to act like you’ve got sense and maintain your learned stealth


Ooo girl, watch your mouth, we ain’t keep you from daddy

For you to be like him, the resemblance is uncanny

You smoked, girl, you drank? Now we feeling like grammy

Pushed away all you’ve learned from us wasted on Remy

Weed, E’s, LSD, greens

Drinking straight from the bottle, you represent him with ease

Like he was your savior, better listen to God

You know of all things two peas come from the pod

You’ve got his genes, his face, his personality

The only thing good being art, through which you’ve learned rationality


Ooo, child, you look like him, don’t act like him too!

That’s how it continues, his traits, but through you!

You’re becoming his clone, yeah you stupid drug addict

We give you our money, you spend it on hash shit

Whatever that is, these days we truly don’t know

But you’re smoking the devils leaves, sins of your own

To cope, to get high, to block out your realities

Don’t you point the finger at us, now let’s skip the formalities

We give and we give and you soil in return

All the good things for you that we so often yearn


Ooo child, you so selfish, just thinking ‘bout you 

When you should be wondering how to help this family too

No money no job and damn, no aspirations

Your goals are far fetched, for which we don’t give donations

You act like we owe you some shit, reparations? 

We never slaved you, held you in contempt,

All we’ve done is love you like you’re heaven sent

When really… you’re hell bent. 

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