“The Stigma”

When I was 17, I took a retreat

Nothing sexy, nothing savage, nothing sweet

Well, 5 years later I’m retreating again

Because truly, when pushed, I break when I bend

Spiritual, mental, and physical deterioration

Will most certainly be the bane of my generation


We never hold each other up until it is too late

To get some real, wholesome help you have to offer shiny bait

Special flaws and daily faux pas

That make people look and say, “Something is wrong”

A shame that it takes all of this to concern you

When it’s been years and my mental’s been blew

The mental state that’s been stigmatized too

I say break the stigma, prioritize health and help

When I can’t even break the stigma my damn self


A Pariah completely, a social outcast

Whom only fits in when emotion’s on blast

Within four sterile walls, everything’s spinning fast

Often feel like I’m falling, probably look aghast

A muse entirely, a thinker by nature

Yet lately, all my mind can conjure is terror


Cognitive bearer of my own miscarrier

The brain in my skull putting up a thick barrier

Non-understanding of things that are scarier


…A Pariah completely, a social outcast

Can only hope that my body outlasts.

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