A twisting pang in the chest of a hater

Just cannot resist shunning people with glamour

That they’ll never have while they watch from the sidelines

From afar with binoculars, popping their occulars

Imitating the drip while we digging up gold mines



A green and hazy monster, with vines twisting tight

Around the green eyed sponsors of jealousy’s might

May they rest soundly, all through the night

While their idols are working, it causes them fright



A useless expression of emotion I’d say

When you could drop the grudge and simply stay away

Shut your mouth, mind your business and go about you

While I go and show you what you thought I shan’t do.





From the bottom of the rock, while the humble are standing atop

Wishing so badly to budge the unmovable monument

To watch the successful fall deep

Again, hope it puts all you haters to sleep

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