Personality humble, I don’t mean to brag
But lately, I’ll tell you, I’ve been in my bag
I’m not talking money, not tangible wealth
Not anything store bought hanging by my belt

I’m talking my chakras, Nirvana, meditation
Bringing out the best in me, revealing hidden motivation

Never knew things could be like this
Release myself from my thoughts, amiss
Free my soul from the guilt, the grit
And be myself even through the spit

Game, spit game, used to bruise me
Now I grin, it barely amuse me
Love to hurt me, I’ll cut you off quick
But don’t confuse me with a Facebook fit
I’m not that type of…

I’m happy now.
Controlled and I’m subtle now.
Reality better than dreaming now.
When I walk, it’s a smile that’s gleaming now
I’ve been in my bag, but… all of this stealth?
This willpower I got is valuable; wealth.

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