“The Light”

She was lost before she found the light
And not talking ceiling lamp,
she stares at night after night


The Heaven’s not calling,
it’s not her time yet
Not her brightly lit sketch lamp,
where graphite and palm side
meet sketch pad, she bets…

It came from inside by her will and her faith
For she never gave in nor ever gave way
By trial she grows and by terrors takes sight
For no evil can break through her unending might
She knows she has Him by her side through the plight

She’s a fighter

Learning to levitate, future is brighter
Still not at her peak, but believe she’s on fire
Unearthly, a goddess unearthing her worth
Finally free from the rocks and the dirt
Need to watch where you lurk
Because she’s on a mission
rising intuition, her psyche aligned
A new woman designed.

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