I’m vocal.
They love it, I’ve always been social.
I followed a lady in Jewel at three
And asked her, “is that roast for me?”
My sister was shy, but I know she’s a goof
When she wants to be, nonchalant, funny, aloof
My brother so distant
He may as well have been nonexistent
My mother was busy but she was my idol
Worked hard to provide, was my calm in the tidal
My grands, they made waves
I still wear grandpa’s flannels
Though I do have my own, his are up on the panel
Bet I’d wear grandma’s housecoat straight up out the house
if she’d let me, that is, she won’t divide the clout
Put ’em up on a pedestal, names on a mount
They are the water that’s drenching my drought
No way it stops there, I’ve got family to spare
Though them, I do love, so no, I cannot share
I know I’m a pain and they have been ashamed
But in the end I’m the favorite, the grudges put to lay

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