“The Millenial Busy Bee”

Millenial Bee

Pariah Muse, “The Millennial Busy Bee”, Sketch Art, 2019

There is no one particular piece of the sketch that is supposed to automatically catch the eye of the viewer. Simply because the entire piece is busy in itself hence, “busy bee”. My interpretation of this piece as the artist is the illusion of health and wellness among my generation, millennial’s, and Gen X. The picture’s seemingly foggy, unclear and “messy” aura gives off the message of confusion and disorientation in general among younger generations. We are all busy bees nowadays- yes, even us young ones are movers and shakers and fierce go-getters, and that is what led me to decide on the concept of the bumble bee, always moving and busy with a task.

The left side depicts the hollow yet deeply outlined version of a human skull, with a bee’s stripes, antenna, yet human teeth like its right counterpart. The left eye is hollow and heavily shaded and criss-crossed in design, giving off the illusion of an insect’s eye. Tears run down the left side of the face, but they are not tears- they are droplets of the “Boxed Water” phenomenon among the youth, which the bee/person happens to be consuming through an elongated nose, demonstrating that the good we put into our bodies automatically removes itself as we stress ourselves with tasks, dangers, and other antidotes to common health.

The right depicts a fuller face of a human, yet the cheek is still hollowed to depict more deterioration/lack of health. An uncolored pupil can be seen here, along with a lighter etched eye that appears to give off more luminescence than the other. A fragile wing presents itself on the right as well, it’s pattern covered in honeycomb or “burdens”.

Finally, below, a pure black stinger can be found peeking from under the boxed water along with a teardrop ready to fall. The “teardrop” and its nutrients sparkle as they leave the subject. In more detail, a hollowed nose, “purified drinking water”, and the boxes’ measurements can be found as well.

This three-dimensional piece was meant to be bold, in black and white so as not to take away from the complex and intricate message it creates.

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