“The Pariah and The Muse”

Working with Larry McGhee is always one of my favorite things to do as a creative. As my mentor going on years now, to no end he is still able to teach me while somehow learning alongside me, influence me and my work, be a continued business partner, and an amazing friend at that. The man never takes a break and I so admire his tenacity as an artist. It makes his work all that more special, seeing it first-hand and knowing how much work he puts into the craft that he loves.

Among many projects in the past and many to come in the future, we also just released a live podcast and Youtube video together that you can find in the Youtube tab of this site! I am proud to say that I was his first featured artist on his podcast that will be live on his Instagram channel zeus.views, as well as the Youtube video which can be found on his channel entitled Zeus Views. Keep up with the journey of his new medium by following the aforementioned social media.

Recently, Larry a.k.a. Zeus has acquired his own studio, (Zeus Views Studio) and I was fortunate enough to have been able to model in front of the lens! Larry captures my energy and overall persona as The Pariah perfectly. But not only that, he captures The Muse in me as well. I have separated the images into two different categories labeled “The Pariah” and “The Muse” and compiled the images to create a story. The story is up to the viewer’s interpretation, and I suggest that in order to understand the story from my perspective more fully, visit the “Meet the Artist” tab!

Enjoy the photos. And a special thanks to Larry McGhee himself. He’s done it again.

“The Pariah”

“The Muse”

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