“The Beholder”

The sky changes colors

From light blue to black

While I bend over slightly

Claim picking up slack

Within the eye of the beholder is the effervescent smolder

Unmistakable, cold shoulder might be a better feeling than the wondrous eye’s controller

If you listen closely you hear hearts folding

At the sound of thunder, the lightning is crashing

Beholder looks over shoulder as followers are slacking

He grins knowing delirium is hidden in serum

He feeds the dreamers every morning

Says the juice is for the mourning

Claims a killer of the past, will make you better than the last

It seeps into the veins of the ones with the deepest of pains

Vines of vyvanse numb the pain while we work the days away

Almost like slaves not an anomaly

We very well may be mere property

But we follow so well, properly

Feel free in a monopoly

The sky changes colors, from deep black to blue

The daytime is back, time to start all “anew”.

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