“So On”

When I was a tyke they told me I would shine

Everything that I touch would be oh so sublime

There was never a day where the sun wouldn’t shine

And I’d open my eyes and know the world was mine

(Yeah, the world, it was mine)

(The whole world, it was mine x2)

I got older, cold shoulders taught me to move boulders

A fortress I’d build to surround me, fire smolders

You trust less, you love less, you pick up some habits

May not be so good but seem mighty attractive

A hole opens up wide and it do not play

It pull down anyone who is out here astray

I’m afraid that my boulders will crack and expose

The coward that I really am, call me faux

I sit lazy like Po but I got dreams and goals

They just don’t always show, bitch I move on the low

N**** claim they bestow all these things yet they owe

Been owed since like May, it’s July, these fools broke

But can I really talk? I’m not one to impose

But y’all really jump on every wave when they flow

Follow suit, when these n**** say jump you explode

So high up in the sky, next command MAKE YO OWN

I was younger they told me that I’d be a star

Now I’m older I know you can’t reach stars by car

It take work, it take hurt, it take life just to live

You don’t understand that, you ain’t got shit to give

The larger my age hurl, the smaller my circle

Only accept real ones, one might call me Myrtle

Like turtle, got thick bones

Exterior rock stone

Come bark at me, please, I’ll come blow back ya neck bone

Don’t have me come do it

I’ll have you look stupid

Janet’s super bowl mishap

Flop, f*** you doin’?

Claim street yet whole time talkin bout GTA  

(PAUSE) Needless to say, f*** out my way

I don’t speak like your average millenial, sway

I work hard to be fluent, survive every day

N**** know I got flow

But I don’t tell the h***

I don’t need a whole flock of chickens on my c***

I might need a smoke break

Thirsty h*** talk a lot… (thirsty h*** talk a lot)

Y’all idolize and you fantasize

While I’m sittin back peepin with demise

With these eyes, yeah I seen it all

Kids killed that was meant to ball

So flex yo Fendi, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton

For the gram and the snap, yeah you think that you on

But what we can’t see, the one thing that you hide

Is the pain on your mama’s face off to the side

Because how she ‘ford groceries, and rent and the bills

In the hood where yo bro f***** around and got killed

Ain’t made no moves to throw and you messin’ with blow

While she stand by the stove knowing you “gettin’ h***”

While she tryna keep steady, a rock that’s so heavy

A burden you put there, how you feelin’, steady?

But you so on though… ah ha.

When I was a tyke I was told I would shine

Be the rock of the family, perfect, a dime

But I’m older now… I’m older now…

And the world’s a lot colder now….

Just like aforementioned, I don’t mean for ‘tention

To shine on you n****, for all y’all know

This ain’t fiction…

But if the shoe fits, then by all means, get mentioned.

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