“My Prime”

I’m 21 now and I’m one of the highest
Sittin’ with my feet up, rollin’ woods with the brightest
Brilliant minds spit ideas like we Apple, the primest
But lately when I talk it’s been lazy and spineless
Always spit a new idea, a new bar, a new star-
Concept, used to net, work, move’n’jerk
Only swishes, never brick it when I aim for the net
But now I’m low inna trap, spend all evening in bed
What ever happened to the little n*** willing to bet
The younger me would take the warning as quadruple the threat
Do everything within my power to defy the odds
The new me, new to adulthood, only worried bout pods

Like what’s the word
Did you up?
Let me slide, hit it once?
Maybe twice, I won’t front
Ain’t had schmoke inna month
Drop a check onna bag, let my head swim in the mass
Think about the money later, though the bills are on my ass
But don’t spazz, roll it up
Forget stress, blow da blunt
This the dream for for the fiends
Who is stuck, need good luck
Every night I pray to ween, behind the words action ain’t seen
So if I don’t give a fuck, why should He? Fuck good luck

I need a blessing…

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