“To My Future Son”

Your locs sprout in tufts that bind themselves
Thick, nappy, curly, and deep do they delve
But they won’t understand, child, you’ll have to be strong
See, the world won’t accept someone so “unnatural”
Your lips pout and they’ll see you as someone who’s angry
Because it was only cute and acceptable when you were a baby
The prominent melanin of your smooth and pure skin
May make others run, for their fear runs its course from within
When you grow older and make the walk home for yourself
Be aware that they may cross the street, they can tell
From your gait and your swagger, your unwavering canter
That the danger is evident, they may begin to banter
Whisper behind your back, they admit that they’re scared
Of the black boy that thrives, as if you present something rare
You’ll run down a field or dunk your first ball
And they’ll tell you with sports on your side you won’t fall
You’ll enter a classroom and realize for the first time
That the treatment is different, it may make you cry
Until you get older, then you’ll learn to just sigh
Grow even older and you may be introduced
To APs and GPs with the A’s that must be a dupe
But, child, don’t let yourself become caught in the loop
The stigma of simply the color of your skin
Creating the status quo in which you’re the bin
Don’t dare open your mouth, see, if you protest
You’ll be thrown away, tossed aside like the rest
Protect yourself but don’t carry protection
You’ll be perceived as a thug with no real direction
A weapon…
Au natural, do not be afraid
Though this world is leading an irreparable state
Head up, chin high, don’t be scared to shine
In a world that values you as any less than sublime
They’ll treat you as if you’re different, but please do not fret
Instead, make your intelligence the ultimate threat
Your difference is apparent, but not like you think
Your outside appearance is not a link
To the ancestral chains broken over time
By men just like you, by women like me
Who chose to make differences, no imitation of mimes
Keep in mind what I’ve said, I understand that’s it’s tough
Because, child, you are a diamond in the rough

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