“Status Quo”

Don’t follow the politics, nor the news or the “know”

These new fashion statements could put on a show

Though never will I follow the dreaded status quo

Y’all peddle to the meddle, let Preacher F preach

Though realize the extent is the knowledge of street.

Ain’t no books in the mix, only “body the bitch”

The radio spits, fake news, what about this?

When’s the last time your influence was only yourself?

Only follow what you want, build up mental health

Stability, attempt to get rid of dependency

Do what you want and don’t worry ‘bout enemies.

Status quo, I can’t go, looking ‘round, I’m like “woah”

Y’all reside at East High, worship Sharpay with the bow

I’m like Troy, an athlete, an artist with joy

Take off in the horse like it’s a new toy

Rev up to the max, ‘cause I’m ready to pass

All the mainstream ideas and cares that suck ass.

I’m my own and it shows from my clothes to my mind

As ideas continuously surface, I feel so divine

Like, I’m ready to shine

Show the status quo mine

And help to influence the dependent mimes.

Don’t follow the rules but promise I’m sane

I’m not out here to harm, to hurt feelings, cause pain

I’m here to inspire, show beauty in rain

Don’t care if the rain fuzzies up this thick mane.

I’ll rock it as so, and still carry on

Carry one’s on my back that feel that they are gone

Stand up for myself ‘til my days are all done

Be proud for never following,

In the end, I won.

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