So out of place, my mind stuck in space,

Sit in cold plastic chairs ‘til I’m blue in the face

Blank faces spit monotone panoplies of knowledge

Never would have thought I would be sitting in college

Successful, non-neglectful, doing my best

Near to the top, above all the rest.

So why do I feel like I shouldn’t be here?

Like my intellect passed every open, learning ear

Delusions of grandeur, it may be the case

But I really do think that I have won the race.

Have a mindset that says I don’t work for nobody

The artistry, garnered in silver and gold

A blessing made apparent, at thirteen, I’d mold

Turn in papers superior to my peers; inferiors

I don’t mean to brag, but my literacy, lyricism

Makes up for my many mistakes, I am inferior.

I’m not done yet, far from it, I’ve got things to prove

Show my family and friends, show the world my big moves

Realistically though, I’ve been thinking it so

That I’ve got to start little, introduce myself slow.

Full force you can’t handle, neither I nor the world

But understand that after much practice, I’ll pearl

Make advances like earl

Watch my black tea just swirl

Plotting and planning to better myself

Because all that I want is to better the World.

I am inferior… but my goals are much clearer

Prepare and behold, for my success is nearer.

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